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        Pai Spa is located in the houses of Baan Rambuttri, the Last Kahabadee Traditional Thai Houses in Banglumphu, aged over 140 years. With a delicately Thai interior design and decoration preserving the history alive, you can savor the very authentic multi-sensorial experience of seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and feeling absolutely Thai. Pai spa offers a truly harmonious combination of the relaxing indulgence of Thai massage and the exotic revitalizing sensation of Spa results in your most pleasurable, relaxing and healthy Thai Spa and massage experience.


The Last Traditional Thai Houses in Banglumphu
Date back to over 140 years ago, Banglumphu area and its surroundings were a low-lying land next to Chao Phraya river with a number of mangrove and cork trees. From Banglumphu canal all the way into Banglumphu area, there inhabited the Muslim community who came from Phranakorn Sri Ayutthaya province to offer royal services such as cooking and fine jewelry designing for the King of Siam and his royal family. Including the owner of this piece of land where “Baan Rambuttri” (in that time, this house is called “Ruen Kaha Patani”) is located, “Am Dang Phric” and her husband “Haji Baraheng”

From the historical evidence, “Baan Rambuttri” (Ruen Kaha Patani) was built by Siamese traditional house builders from Phranakorn Sri Ayutthaya province (The capital city of The Ayutthaya Kingdom, existed from 1350 to 1767). Baan Rambuttri was built with a “Kahabadee Shape” which is an exclusive style of Noblemen’s house consisting of the main house (this house) and surrounding small houses . Pieces of land around this area were given by His Majesty King Rama IV of Rattanakosintr Kingdom because it is near The Grand palace where these Muslims can easily go to provide cooking services for the King.

Originally, this main house of Baan Rambuttri was used as a resort for the rulers of the Southern regions (governed by Siam) who annually came to give gifts and tributes to the King of Siam. These rulers used Baan Rambuttri as a place to change clothes and prepare for the gift presentation before heading to the Grand Palace. The opposite of Baan Rambuttri used to be a palace of His Highness Prince Kamrob Pramote, a father of M.R. Saynee and M.R. Kugrit Pramote. Even though the palace had been replaced with many modern buildings nowadays, the only rose apple tree that was once grown in the palace court yard has been moved and grown right next to Baan Rambuttri.

Later, a number of western civilizations have been rapidly brought into Banglumphu area. The former Muslims dwellers so called “Chao Banglumphu” have gradually moved out to other areas causing only few left in this region. Besides, a number of traditional Thai houses built in the past have steadily been replaced with present-day buildings and constructions leaving this main house of “Baan Rambuttri” as the Last Traditional Thai Kahabadee House in Banglumphu. This house has been preserved to remind Banglumphu offsprings how precious and valuable Moslem culinary and jewelry design arts were and, most importantly, to keep the original trace of Chao Banglumphu heritage in history pages as long as it lasts.

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